Charter Service

OCC Transport offers a charter service for SA & Binghamton University-affiliated groups within a 100-mile radius of the University. To begin the process of arranging a charter, please fill out the Charter Request Form below.

General Information

Charters can be performed in both OCC Transport's blue buses & green shuttles.

Blue buses can seat 37 people.
If trips are within 10 miles, they can also stand 14 people for a total capacity of 51 passengers.

Green buses can only hold a total of 18 people, and cannot allow any standing passengers.

OCC Transport will not charter any groups to New York City or beyond New York state lines.

OCC Transport will not charter to private residences.

Charter service is available on a first come, first served basis. Requests may be denied or canceled to ensure regular service remains operable.

For more information, please see the full Charter Terms & Conditions in the Charter Request Form.

Rates & Fees

SA Organizations:


Binghamton University-affiliated:


Non-SA, Non-BU affiliated:


All rates increase by $10.00/hr after 12:00 A.M.

* 50% deposit of the total estimated charter cost is required at the time of charter processing.

Cancellations & Payments

If you choose to cancel your charter after beginning the arrangement process, the fees are as follows:

5 or more days prior to charter:

No charge to cancel.

1 - 4 business days prior to charter:


24 - 3 hours prior to charter:


3 or less hours prior to charter:

Full estimated cost of charter.

All itinerary and destination changes must be cleared with the PR Coordinator at least 2 business days in advance.

In the event that OCC Transport cancels your charter due to breakdowns, delays, poor weather, etc., you will not be billed and any deposit will be refunded.

Charter Request Form

Charters can be performed in both OCC Transport's blue buses & green shuttles.

If your group would like to request a charter, please complete this form and email it to the PR Coordinator at