About OCC Transport

Founded in 1971, OCC Transport has always had one goal: to provide safe, reliable, convenient, consistent, and courteous transportation for the greater Binghamton University community.

To get where it is today, OCC Transport has experienced everything from nearing closure to operating door-to-door service in its time.

Currently operating with a fleet of 22 vehicles, 60 drivers, 5 coordinators, 4 mechanics, and over 5,000 passengers a day, we continue to tirelessly work to better help service the needs of Binghamton University's off-campus community.

Our History

OCC Transport's history started in 1971.

As the University expanded in the late 1960s and early 1970s, an increasing number of students chose to live off campus.

While BC Transit operated 'street railway' service in Broome County in 1968, rides costed 35 cents each, ran only until 6:30pm on weekdays, and did not provide service on Sundays. An increasing number of students began to hitchhike as an alternative to walking or riding BC Transit. Given the inherent dangers of this, Off Campus College Council (OC3) graciously purchased a 2-year old school bus from the nearby Whitney Point Central School District for $800 and named it Maxwell. This bus was painted blue, which has led to every subsequent bus operated by OCC Transport to also be painted blue as a homage to our original Big Blue, Maxwell.